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About CultureBrained®

We are a one-of-a-kind virtual community of culture leaders in growth-stage companies.

We come together to up our culture-shaping game, tap into the collective wisdom of our members and world-class experts and answer some pretty darn hard, unGoogleable questions about culture:  
  • How do we create an employee experience that brings our company values and the rest of our Culture Playbook to life and allows our team to do the best work of their careers?
  • How can we ensure that our organizational design supports the emergence of desirable company culture?
  • How do we evolve our culture so that our business can move from "here" to "there" - especially if the "there" involves rapid growth or significant change?
  • How do we attract, develop and retain top talent in the times of the Great Resignation?

Become a premium member

We are now accepting applications from practitioners who are working on shaping culture in their company.

Here are the benefits you will enjoy as part of your annual membership:

  • Private, dedicated online community platform so you can focus on connecting with your peers without the distractions of social media.
  • A global network of experienced culture leaders from diverse backgrounds and industries, from CEOs to CHROs, engaged in actively exploring how to cultivate remarkable cultures at scale.
  • Tools and guides that help you codify, activate, scale and evolve your company culture.
  • Unlimited, free access to support events: Masterclasses, Flash Masterminds, Guest Appearances, Member Spotlights, and workshops.
  • Members-only CultureLab Podcast Shorts where our show's guests answer your questions and speak about your specific challenges.
  • Weekly CultureBrained Huddle where we discuss action steps and hot topics.
  • Life-long 30% discount on the annual membership fee.
  • Community ambassador status allowing new members that you recommend to join at a discounted fee.
  • A unique opportunity to shape this community and its culture from its inception.

Our values

Everything we do at CultureBrained® is guided by our core values. They have been built into our foundations and are amplified by our community members.

Our main effort in building this community is focused on creating the right conditions for all members to embody these values in a way that feels enriching and authentic and that supports us in turning CultureBrained into the best place for Culture Leaders to learn from each other.



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